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Schools and Nurseries.

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Looking for a way to engage your students in a fun, imaginative, and educational way? DreamCatchers are here to help!

We have lots of experience in school workshops, working with your school and curriculum, to offer a service that supports and enthuses students about their topic of study, in a fun and interactive way. From literacy to geography, and history to science, we can help the classroom come to life!

Whether geared towards drama, dance, or a bit of both, we work with you at every step to create a lesson that supplements your teaching.

To find out more about DreamCatchers School Workshops and request an information pack, please get in touch.

School Workshops



Is your Brownie Pack working towards a badge? Or perhaps your youth club deserves an end of term treat?

Experienced in leading workshops, we can work with your Guiding Association club, any age, boys or girls, to help your members achieve badges, learn about something new, or just come as a treat to have some fun!

We can use dance, drama, singing, games and much more to build their confidence, get them active, and unleash their creativity!

To find out more about DreamCatchers Club Workshops and request an information pack, please get in touch.

Club Workshops



Need a little extra help with the end of year show? Or maybe you just want to add that special sparkle...

Use DreamCatchers to help put on your end of year show! Our wealth of performance and teaching experience ensures that we can produce a fun and exciting experience for the children, a great show for the parents, and one less thing to worry about for teachers!

We provide the choreography, music, direction, drama coaching, singing, and stage skills. We have original scripts geared towards children, that can be adapted for your needs, or work with an existing script of your choice.

To find out more about DreamCatchers School Productions, please get in touch.

School Productions



Want to give your children a great experience, that builds their confidence, creativity, and movement and social skills? Or perhaps provide a treat or party to celebrate the end of term?

Just call DreamCatchers! We currently work with local nurseries to provide our DreamBabies Classes to their students, as well as their Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Summer parties throughout the year- and we could do the same for you!

Our fun themed classes are perfect for nursery students, and we can work with your curriculum, to supplement their current learning, or give them a whole new experience- the choice is yours!

To find out more about DreamCatchers Nursery Classes, Please get in touch.

Nursery Classes
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