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Performing Arts                  Dance                  Drama                  DreamBabies                  Shows & Exams

Performing Arts Classes


Our Performing Arts Classes create a fun and inspiring place for building children's talent, confidence, and passion for the arts. By encompassing dance, drama, and singing into our lessons every week, you can be sure to see your child grow as a performer. If you would like to find out more about each discipline, please see below.


With a wide variety of styles taught throughout the year, and culminating in a show/exam, our classes are a great introduction to performing arts, as well as the perfect place to create versatile, happy performers!


For a list of exam classes, please see our timetable. 

Dance Classes


DreamCatchers dance classes are designed to build core strength, tone, flexibility, muscular strength, musicality, confidence, control, stamina, balance, coordination, creative imagination, social skills and technique. We teach a range of styles throughout the year, or alternatively, there are classes for specific dance styles, details of which can be found on our timetable.

Dance has been proven to improved posture, reduce stress levels and depression, boost self esteem and confidence, maintain healthy muscles and weight, and enhance concentration- all things we focus on every week.

Each class consists of a warm up (stretch, cardio, conditioning, flexibility, corner work), routine learning, and a cool down.

Drama Classes


Our Drama Classes create a safe space for your child to be whoever they want to be, through the magic of acting! Fuelling their imaginations through storytelling, scene building, improvisation, character work, script study and writing, prose, poetry, games, team building, movement, they can let their minds run wild!

We aim to build children's confidence, speech and language skills, social skills, creative thinking, teamwork, and to provide the skills to inspire happy kids!



DreamBabies is our 45 minute dance, drama, and singing class for babies and pre-school children (0-4 years). It is designed to build confidence, balance, coordination, musicality, and social skills.


Through fun games, memorable songs, and storytelling, the children take a magical themed adventure every week, inspiring creative play and movement. Through the use of props and fancy dress, children are encouraged to let their imaginations run free in a safe and supportive space!

Shows & Exams


Every year, all the children's hard work is showcased in an end of year performance. All the material they have been working on throughout the year is presented to you, while simultaneously giving the children performance opportunities and building their stage skills. There are many other opportunities to perform throughout the year, at fairs, festivals, events, and much more.

Selected classes are geared towards taking exams, as an addition to their show. The skills required for these accredited qualifications are taught in these classes, along with the materials needed. For more information about our exams, please do get in contact.

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